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Building crazy with AttributeStruct

ruby attribute_struct sparkle_formation azure
Building support for Azure into SparkleFormation required the ability to programatically generate complex nested strings. Lets have a quick look a ...
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Serialized Rainbows

ruby attribute_struct sparkle_formation cfn cloudformation
A short story on the origin of the SparkleFormation library. SparkleFormation - an origin storySparkleFormation is a Ruby library that was born ou ...
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The magic text book

ruby grimoire batali librarian depsolver constraints dependencies
A new approach at dependency solving. GrimoireA couple years ago I was at the Chef summit, and had a session with some of my workmates on cookbook ...
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Application Configuration

ruby configuration bogo
Generic application configuration implementation within Ruby. Application ConfigurationA few months ago I wrote a little bit about application con ...
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Miasma - Cloud Models

ruby cloud api models fog
New Ruby cloud API library with a specific purpose. Cloud Infrastructure APII’ve been using fog for a long time, and have added a few different fe ...
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AttributeStruct - Turtles all the way down

ruby hashes attribute_struct dsl
Building attribute structures with Ruby. The origin storyI’m a big fan of JSON serialization and Hash/Array collection types in general. Awhile ba ...
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Hashes == 42, a love story

ruby hashes configuration answer
Thoughts on application configuration and snowflake implementations. Hashes == 42 (how I came to love hashes)Hashes have always just been another ...
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Krakow: NSQ for Ruby

ruby nsq library
Krakow is a Ruby client library for NSQ. The current 0.2.0 release pulls it out of its initial “alpha” phase, providing a feature complete client ...
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Flocking Chefs

chef communcation internode flock_of_chefs
Internode communication via flocks of chefs. Flock of ChefsWhen building and configuring nodes (assuming with Chef) one issue that will commonly c ...
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Chef gems and embedded ruby

chef_gem chef recipes ruby devops
Backporting the Chef Gem. ChefGem ResourceThe ChefGem resource was introduced in 0.10.9 to provide an easy way to install and make use of gems wit ...
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